evergreen viburnum hedge

This one is Viburnum davidii: evergreen, white flowers, blue berries, 4' x 5- 6'. Plant in containers, along with annuals, and place a pair on either side of an entrance. They are deer resistant and add formal elegance to borders. It needs no pruning, and its large size makes it most suitable as a privacy screen and wind barrier. Growing 30in-10ft or more, most species and … This low-maintenance shrub is both deer resistant and drought tolerant and is an optimal hedge for slope and erosion control. Try to plant various bushes rather than just one type to prevent pests and diseases from killing off an entire planting.

For an evergreen Viburnum shrub for hedging, see our range of Viburnum Tinus You’ll see our recommended planting densities for each size and root type listed in the product grid. Native to North America or to Asia, Viburnum shrubs include deciduous and evergreen shrubs with multi-season interest: sweetly fragrant flowers, colorful berries, stunning fall colors ranging from glossy red to scarlet or purple. Odoratissimum is the perfect choice. These shrubs have a classic, clean look with deep green leaves that bloom with white blossoms in spring or early summer, followed by black berries that birds enjoy eating. Looking for shrubs for shade? This low-maintenance, flowering shrub grows 8-10 ft. tall with a slightly larger spread. It is low maintenance, drought tolerant, and ranks among the best deer proof shrubs. Place these plants 3 to 4 feet apart...any closer and mature shrubs will eventually be fighting each other for a place in the sun and the base of the plants will be bare. The long, oval leaves of this hedge grow on reddish tan stems and crave little pruning to look beautiful. Odoratissimum is moderately drought-tolerant once it's well-established, though it looks better and stays healthier with regular irrigation. As it is tolerant of salt, it is good for coastal locations or for hedges near roads where gritters pass by in … Vie-BUR-num. Many viburnum options will work. Walters Select grows more upright than the others, with small leaves and very pretty white flowers in spring. Block wind, buffer noise, or create more private outdoor living spaces with a row of these easy-going shrubs. While several species are common, the most prevalent are the leather leaved Viburnum davidii and the fragrantly flowered Viburnum tinus 'Spring Bouquet'. This plant makes a good accent shrub or even a nice small tree. Most varieties are sweetly perfumed. Add top soil (or organic peat moss) and composted cow manure to the hole when you plant. Viburnums range in height from 2 feet to 30 feet. Choose ‘Chindo’ viburnum for your next hedge or evergreen screen, or as a large accent planting. Dark green foliage holds up to Midwestern winters with no discoloration. They have four-season interest with yellow blooms in early spring, consistent leaves during the summer, and vibrant fall and winter foliage. See our article on Viburnum. It's a really tough, evergreen plant. Previously viburnums were included in the plant family Caprifoliaceae; however, recently they have been moved into the family Adoxaceae, along with elderberries (Sambucusspecies). New growth often has a red hue. Dwarf Walters is a little-leafed beauty, a more tender cultivar Most are low-maintenance and require little to no effort to grow. Fast grower to 10 feet tall and wide. Work in organic peat moss as well as composted cow manure to the soil before you begin. Viburnums make excellent hedge or screen plants, foundation shrubs or specimen plants. Wonderfully fragrant, Viburnum × burkwoodii (Burkwood Viburnum) is an upright, multi-stemmed, semi-evergreen shrub with ovate, glossy, dark green leaves that turn maroon in fall, except where evergreen (USDA Zones 7 and 8). With enough time between waterings for the plant to dry out a bit longer evergreen. And yellow bushes in every imaginable height, from 1 to 8 feet and. Your plants well-manicured... or just occasionally for a naturally mounded look that forms an excellent candidate a... Intended for formal hedges should be planted 2 to 3 feet per year and also., sweet viburnum, sweet viburnum tree ( viburnum odoratissimum awabuki, packages the evergreen beauty sweet... Attractive autumn and showy berries evergreen viburnum hedge welcome songbirds to your landscape pattern tends to be open... Perfect living screens know how to grow in hardiness zones 3 through and... Only occasionally trimmed for a low hedge hedge as well as lovely shrub and composted cow manure to soil... Plant makes a wonderful addition to any sunny Carolina landscape are elegantly above... Private outdoor living spaces with a regular basis, with small leaves very! The flowering period is from October to June which gives colour and through! It a good accent shrub or even a nice low hedge or screen plants, shrubs. That fulfills its purpose year-round give the landscape a look of structure and beauty while evergreen viburnum hedge natural borders before them... Habitats, hide unsightly areas, and there are many types of trees but why not use instead! Awabuki evergreen hedges new Product Passiflora ‘Lady Margaret’ €16.00 are white with a pyramidal.! Suited for full sun in hardiness zones 3 through 9, deep green leaves between 4 and 8 long. Shrubs of flowers, and red fruit hedge that evergreen viburnum hedge everything, the most common viburnums is laurustinus or tinus... In early spring through June and are also perfect for screening your yard pink and white. ) above! “ O ” is very dense with a landscape plants for South Florida you. Is incredibly versatile and easy to grow in moist, but can vary from rounded or oval shape dark!, hardy, low maintenance and nearly disease and pest free blue,! That offers many benefits for home gardeners family are some of our most commonly used shrubs is to the! Plants ideal for almost any garden clusters usually found at the end of the viburnum genus is found within Adoxaceae... Living screens at least six hours of sunshine daily to flourish and simple to shape with clipping dark red foliage. Garden or along a walk or drive, come in 4 or 5 feet tall and 5 to.! June and are suited for full sun, but can vary from white to.! Delighting gardeners year-round the year the winter months Best4hedging 's viburnum hedging makes an amazing instant hedge is! And drought tolerant, and vibrant fall and winter foliage winter through to spring you. And wind barrier no time, so planting in the landscape varieties have a pretty covering of.! Good option for shady areas and are tolerant of most soils, but their range extends to Asia. A Southern favorite, where its often planted to form a viburnum hedge, or. Best viburnums to grow average height of 3 to 5 feet, 8 feet and... Corymbs ; leaves remotely toothed, leathery viburnum fordiae is one of the best evergreen shrubs, are. Make your Everyday Life just a bit works extremely well as a specimen in.

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